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20 years helping visualize the future of cycling.

Hundreds of functionally, aesthetically, and commercially successful products.

Passionate about advancing the state of the cycling art, balancing creative innovation with real world experience.

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25 years of new product development.  19 years consulting, 6 years in-house.  Specialization in carbon fiber frame design and 3D CAD sculpting.

Stephens designed frames have raced in Kona, Moab, and on the Champs-Élysées with podium finishes on the WorldTour, World Enduro Series, and others.

Frame Design

Primary specialty - sculpting carbon fiber with automotive surfacing software.  Shaped one of the first hydroformed aluminum frames in the industry with Electra in 2004.  Experience in steel, titanium, and thixoformed magnesium.  Road, MTB, TT / triathlon, urban, cyclocross, gravel, & electric.

Components & Accessories

Experience designing products across the cycling industry - components, computers, headlights, helmets, bottles, cages, crankarms, trainers,

indoor cycles, tools, scales, pumps, dropouts, chainrings, fenders, aero bars, cargo boxes, spin bikes, taillights, packs, racks, hubs, saddles...


Personally designed products for over 150 brands.  Product design, project management, and liaison to engineering and manufacture.  Product development workflows for multidisciplinary teams involving market & product research, design resources, various engineering disciplines, rapid prototyping, and design for manufacture.


Fluent in advanced surface modeling and concept visualization in 2D and 3D.  Expertise in class-A surfacing with Alias Studio; experience blending sculptural surface models (Alias) with engineering team's CAD (Solidworks) to create complex assemblies not possible with either tool alone.


Road bike experience from pro-level racing frames to fondo-friendly endurance rigs.  Experience with international teams on pioneering superbikes optimized with computational fluid dynamics, and experience with daily cruisers retailing for 90% less.  Mostly carbon but also steel, aluminum, magnesium (!) and Ti.


Have shaped hardtails, cross-country racers, all-mountain cruisers, enduro frames, downhill rigs, off-road singlespeeds, gravel bikes, and cyclocross frames.

Whether rigid, flexible by design, or fully suspended, the goal is to maximize structural integrity, optimize dynamic performance, and redefine aesthetic excellence.

TT / Triathlon

Personally a triathlete with experience designing both a non-UCI-legal integrated triathlon superbike with ergonomic features new to the industry and

a major brand UCI-legal time trial bike currently raced on the WorldTour with podium finishes at the Tour and several national championships.


Experience designing commuters, cruisers, and e-bikes.  Some for utility, for efficient commuting practicality.  Some for style...beach cruisers, retro designs...nostalgia for a simpler day.  All with the idea that a bicycle should combine thoughtful design with a flair for the elegant.  That the bicycle is a thing of passion is taken to heart.


Named on 20 patents and 10 international design awards including 4 Eurobike Gold Awards.  Podium finishes at the Tour de France,

World Enduro Series, and several national championships.  Niner Air 9 named one of the 25 most important bikes ever designed by MBA magazine.

Clients & Brands

Some of the 150+ brands for which millions of dollars of product has been personally designed in 25 years:



Avid triathlete, cyclist, and marathoner.  Extensive world travel - 36 countries, including charitable work in Southeast Asia.  Strong belief in passionate creativity,

personal integrity, and being easy to work with.  Dedicated to leading with positivity, attention to detail, and a commitment to excellence.


Partner, Studio West Concepts LLC, Boulder, CO  2007 - present

Consultant, Raytrace Industrial Design LLC, Boulder, CO  2002 - 2007

Director of Design, Volan Design LLC, Boulder, CO  1996 - 2002

Industrial Designer, Evenflo / Gerry Baby Products, Denver, CO  1991 - 1996

Bachelor of Science, Industrial Design, University of Cincinnati, featuring co-ops with Fitch and IDEO

Portfolio   |    Road

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Factor  |  Vis Vires
Factor  |  Vis Vires
Road bike detail
Time trial bike concept
Time trial bike concept
Time trial bike concept
Raleigh  |  Pro-Conti Team Frame
TT aero bar design
Raleigh  |  Road frame design
TT concept
Raleigh  |  Pro-Conti Team Frame
Factor  |  Vis Vires 1st sketch
Factor  |  Vis Vires
Factor  |  Vis Vires
Raleigh  |  disc brake frame detail

Portfolio   |    MTB

Click any image for a larger view

Niner  |  Air 9 Carbon
Niner  |  Jet 9 Carbon RDO
Downhill racing frame
Niner  |  Air 9 Carbon RDO
Carbon  swingarm
Niner  |  Jet 9 Carbon RDO
Niner  |  Air 9 Carbon
Raleigh  |  RXC 'cross
Niner  |  Air 9 Carbon
Niner  |  Jet 9 Carbon RDO
Raleigh  |  Skarn
Niner  |  Jet 9 Carbon RDO
Niner  |  RIP 9 Carbon
Niner  |  RIP 9 Carbon
Niner  |  Jet 9 Carbon
Hardtail frame

Portfolio   |    Urban

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Electra  |  Cruiser frame
Columbia  |  retro cruiser
Electra  |  cruiser
Electra  |  Indy + Vince
Raleigh  |  Citibike
Electra  |  cruiser
Raleigh  |  CitiBike commuter
Columbia  |  retro cruiser
Raleigh  |  CitiBike commuter
Electra  |  Straight 8
Columbia  |  retro cruiser

Portfolio   |    Cycling Products

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FreeMotion  |  studio cycle
Cannondale  |  bottles + cages
Cycling trainer
Gravel bike saddle concept
Road bike saddle design
PowerTap hub.  Crank concept.
New Balance  |  sport sunglasses
Carbon wheelchair
CycleOps  |  Head unit concepts
LeMond Fitness
CycleOps  |  Indoor cycle
Cannondale | technical illustration
Cannondale  |  product animation

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